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Thermo Forming Machine

Thermo  Forming Machine
Pulp Tableware Machine

Pulp Tableware Machine
Egg Carton Machine

Egg  Carton Machine
Pulp Package Machine

Pulp Package  Machine
Egg Tary Machine

Egg  Tary Machine
Semi Automatic Machine

Semi  Automatic Machine
Automatic Urinal Bottle Forming System

Automatic Urinal Bottle Forming System
Pulp Molding Molds

Pulp Molding  Molds

Modern high-tech enterprises

20 years of research and development focused on pulp molding equipment
As a joint venture factory, BeSure Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded by senior experts who had devoted themselves into Pulp Molding Industry R&D and practice for more than 20 years. It is a manufacturing enterprise which has the most complete and comprehensive technology strength in machinery and mold of Pulp Molding Industryin china so far.



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